How to Reduce Waste at Your Event

January 9, 2019

Talk to Your Suppliers

The most important thing is to discuss your eco-friendly event strategy with your venues and suppliers. Collaborate with your vendors to focus on environmentally friendly solutions that are easy to implement for the future.

Involve Your Clients

Of course, we all understand the importance of living sustainably, but how can this be translated into the world of events? Make sure that your clients are aware of your environmental policies by including them in your proposals. Show your commitment to making significant environmental change at your events.

An event app is a brilliant way of reducing both cost and environmental damage caused by your event. Discuss this alternative with your client.

Plastic Water Bottles

Reducing plastic bottles is such a cheap decision to make and one that would be welcomed by participants. There is no need for plastic water bottles at your events, so why not ban them completely? There are lots of other options– work with your venue to look at the alternatives.

Why not encourage participants to bring their own reusable bottles? Make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for them to refill.

Reducing and Reusing: Signage

Consider whether your event signage is made out of recycled materials. Also,  could your signs be re-used? Would your signage company be willing to store them for you? Or maybe you could work with the venue to come up with signs that can be used by all event organisers?

Reducing Waste with Badges

Consider replacing paper badges (particularly laminated, all kinds of wrong!) with electronic badges. We can provide a custom designed badge, with the attendee’s bar code, that can be quickly accessed via your event app. Attendees can then scan their code and you can capture lead and way-finding analytics. This is a handy and much greener alternative.

Recycling bins

Ensure that recycling and food waste bins are readily available throughout your event venue. Mark their whereabouts on the floor plan and display it on your event app so that attendees always know where to dispose of their waste in the most green way possible.