Bite-Sized Case Study: icare TMF Awards 2017

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The Event Organisers 

icare is a health insurance organisation based in NSW, Australia. icare has a focus on risk management, prevention and forward-thinking community based programmes.

“With an ability to seed fund and partner for ‘best-in-class’ collaboration, the icare foundation brings a progressive, innovative solution focused approach to safeguarding the wellbeing of the people of New South Wales. 

We’re not your traditional foundation and we’re changing the game for good.”

The Event

icare TMF Conference and Awards 2017. The TMF Risk Management Conference and Awards celebrate risk management excellence in the public sector. TMF agencies are recognised for outstanding risk management initiatives.

The conference itself provides a forum for attendees to hear from leading risk management practitioners and experts in the field of health and lifestyle.   There are also networking opportunities and interactive polls and Q&A session.

Where In The World

Hilton Hotel in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

The hotel has excellent access for those travelling by public transport. It’s within easy reach of the city’s airport and has numerous car parks close by.  It’s a good example of a centrally located event venue that offers attendees plenty of transport options.

Event App Features

icare made sure their event app contained all the information attendees would need.  The event app was beautifully designed with attractive branding and clear icons and headers.

Event App Management

icare opted for a self-build event app.  It’s a cost effective option for anyone with a bit of extra time and some experience with customer management software.

Things We Loved

1.Combining the icare TMF Awards details (nominees plus their bios) with the conference information was a nice way to make sure all relevant detail was kept in one easy access place.

2. Lots of location detail made sure venue and locale was easy to find and navigate. The event app included venue maps with rooms clearly labelled.

3. A welcome note on the event app by senior executives, including photos, made for a warm introduction to the event and the app.

4. Keynote speakers during the morning, mid and late afternoon helped keep the agenda fresh and interesting.


1.Unless you are certain every attendee is very familiar with the venue building and surrounding area, it’s useful to approach app information from the POV of someone who is a first time visitor. Ensuring attendees can be where they need to be, when they need to be there keeps the agenda on track.

2. A varied agenda with a good mix of activities, speaker sessions and keynote speakers will keep attendees engaged from the start of the event to the finish.

3. Having event information contained in one spot, e.g. in an event app, makes access and navigation simple for attendees.

What They Said

“Fantastic! The CrowdComms team put together our app in less than a week and did so with ease!”

Anna, icare

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