Event Tech: Then vs. Now

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Thanks to event tech, we all know the events industry has seen a drastic development in the past few years. When we compare certain key aspects of events, the contrast between then and now becomes even more apparent.

Mailing List vs. Social Media Ads

Then…  Promoting your event would begin with an email out to your mailing list. This is a fairly effective strategy, but how many potential attendees will ignore your email thinking it’s spam?


Social media ads are a powerful substitute (or accomplice) for mailing lists, event marketers are investing a lot more time and money into them. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the main contenders.

Brochure vs. Web-Based Apps


Paper brochures- containing agenda, general event info and sponsorship opportunities- were sent out to all prospective attendees. This takes up a massive chunk of the event budget, but it is absolutely necessary that your attendees have this information!


Web-based event apps deliver a coherent experience across all devices and it is highly likely that your delegates will own at least three personally. An event app will hold all the event information your attendees will need on the lead up to the event. They can also have a sneak peek at the agenda and speakers, whatever you choose to show!

Huge Travel Costs vs. Connecting Remote Attendees


In the events industry, attendees are accustomed to travelling long distances and racking up substantial airfare prices. This also hugely increases your event’s carbon footprint as well as turning many far-flung attendees away. As well as this, new attendees may be less likely to part with large amounts of money for an event they have never been to before.


With an event app and live streaming it is easy to involve audiences remotely. Virtual environments boost engagement across a larger audience. Attendees who are sceptical about travelling large distances for your event may be tempted by the chance to join in or watch highlights online. All this and, you never know, perhaps they’ll be tempted to make the journey next time!

Paper Badges vs. “Intelligent Badges”


 Badges were pretty much pointless, except for learning somebody’s name and company. So, badges really were a waste of paper, as they only offered something that a simple conversation could achieve!


Thanks to advances in technology, including QR codes, badges now mean so much more to event managers. Attendees can check in to different parts of the venue, allowing you to track their movements and see what is popular with your audience. You could also use badges in your event app game by including codes that attendees enter into the app.

Feedback Forms vs. Event App Surveys


 Yet more paper used here! Attendees rarely fill out surveys and collecting data from them is a laborious task. But feedback is essential for the success of your next event, so it’s a no brainer- right?


Event apps make feedback forms easily accessible and more tempting, attendees won’t need to track down a pen to fill one out. Use push notifications within the app to remind your attendees to leave feedback at the end of the event. Data is immediately accessible via the event apps CMS. All this plus it saves a huge amount of money, as well as the environment!

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