The Event Industry: An Ever Changing World

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Making sure we have a presence at event industry conferences is important. Although I always get a bit of a quizzed look from taxi drivers when I explain that I’m on my way to an event for events! One of the reasons we need to have a specific focus on the event industry itself is because it evolves at such a rapid rate.

We work in a fragmented industry that relies on a variety of specialists to come together to build an event.

Whether you’re a seasoned AV tech in show blacks, a no-nonsense PCO who’s seen 1000s of conferences or a professional speaker staging their next gig – none of us can create a beautiful event without the cooperation and support of our industry peers

I’d say 99.9 percent of the people that work in the event industry are excellent. They are people who enjoy the process and find it interesting working with a revolving roster of suppliers, partners and clients.

This constantly fluctuating working environment is indicative of events themselves.   Changing ideas, content and often people means that flexibility is key.

From event apps, to staging solutions, to catering and entertainment; emerging trends and innovation are constantly re-shaping what we expect from modern events. Every event industry specialist has to respond to current demands….and quickly!

As event app specialists, CrowdComms make software that is adaptable to change. We have a flexible platform that can quickly accommodate specific client needs or broader trends. As an example, we recently responded to client requests for an app feature that could support charity donations.

It took us just a few hours to build our ‘donate button’. This handy widget allows attendees to make a donation to an event’s charity of choice.

Our event apps, polling systems and biding systems are flexible because events are flexible. So whatever the emerging event trend, we’re ready to deliver the beautiful events of the future.

Pete Hair – CrowdComms, Co-Founder

In 2011, Pete co-founded CrowdComms from his garage in Sydney. With over two decades experience in event tech in the UK and Australia, Pete’s been involved with 1000’s of events, large and small. He gets a buzz improving events using the latest technology, and exciting customers with innovative solutions and great technical support.

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