Case Study: Event App Delivers Incredible Networking Stats

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A large pharmaceutical company held their Global Sales Meeting last month. It was the first time two organisations had come together after the pharma company acquired a new company. The reason for this event was to bring everyone together.  To network, engage and understand more about how the teams could come together.  The theme was the power of one.

CrowdComms provided an event app and an event app game for this event. This was the first time attendees had used an app at this kind of event within the company.

From the outset the game included 20 challenges, which allowed participants to earn points for correct answers to knowledge questions. To ensure the learning outcomes were achieved the game was set up to allow contestants to continue trying the challenge until they got the correct answer.

Throughout the event golden challenges were released at specific times via the event app. These challenges were designed to test understanding of content delivered in the sessions. Contestants were required to enter the correct answer first time to be awarded points.

Given the recent acquisition, networking was one of the event’s key objectives. This is where the game came into its own. Each attendee’s name badge was printed with a unique passcode on the back. As a result contestants were encouraged to network with other attendees to retrieve the passcodes and enter them into the game to earn points. Essentially the more people they spoke to the more points they earned. The event app leader board gave the leading contestants kudos and helped encourage some friendly competition.

The impact of the game was brought to life in a very visual way by a simple exercise in one of the sessions. The chair asked the organisation’s three leaders to stand up.  He then asked each attendee who had met and talked to each of the three leaders via the game to also stand up. Hundreds of attendees then stood showing how well the event app game was received. From the game analytics we could see that the leaders met over 1,000 attendees between them!

There were some exciting prizes for winners to choose from which no doubt encouraged participation but we can see from the video and feedback on the app that contestants loved playing the game.

The Game Outcomes In Statistics

587 out of 847 attendees participated in the game (69.3%).

The winner earned 74.7% of the points available (6,785 out of 9,080).

The top 30 contestants completed over 100 challenges each.

The most active networker met 93 people thanks to the game.

The 5 most active networkers met 84 people or more via the game.

The 10 most active networkers 10 attendees met 47 people or more.

141 networkers met 20 people or more via the game.

94% of attendees ranked the App 4 & 5 stars out of 5 stars.

Over the course of 4/5 days we tracked over 200,000 page views within the app.

Other Use Of The Event App

The event app was personalised to each attendee. Once they had logged into the app they could see their personal schedule, along with their flights, hotel and ground transport details. The event app was also used for voting in sessions, facilitating Q&A and keeping the attendees up to date with with alerts. This event was completely paperless.

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