CrowdComms Elements: Choose All Or Any

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We recently announced an exciting new partnership with Brisbane based event tech experts, Entegy. Entegy’s service suite (including kiosk badge printing and registration) will now form part of the CrowdComms Elements service offering. CrowdComms Elements: End-to-End

Adding the Entegy platform to our portfolio means we can offer our clients a digital platform that provides a true end-to-end solution.

From registration to post-event data analysis, CrowdComms Elements delivers seamless integration and superior UX in a mobile friendly format.

CrowdComms Elements: Stand Alone

Don’t need an end-to-end event solution? No problem.

CrowdComms Elements are designed to work as stand alone services. If you only need a polling solution or just want to run a Q&A session, you can simply purchase the Interactive Session Element.

Need an event app combined with kiosk badge printing? That’s easy. Again, just purchase the two Elements and we’ll combine them into a simple, easy to use app.

And if you need a last minute Element addition? We can easily add any additional services to your platform.

CrowdComms’ Element Guide

CrowdComms Elements mean you can choose all or any according to your event needs:


Our Registration Element provides attendees with a quick and easy sign-in that gets them into your event faster.


Want to run efficient and effective SMS and EDM marketing campaigns? The CrowdComms Campaign Element will deliver your communication in real-time straight to attendees’ mobile devices.

Event App

The cornerstone of our Elements, the Event App is the platform that provides attendees with everything they need to know when they need to know it.

Kiosk & Badges

The Kiosk & Badge Element is an impressive way to welcome your attendees.   Self-print badges with sophisticated design capabilities deliver a check-in with impact.

Attendance Tracking

Keep track on your event attendance in real-time. Attendance Tracking allows you to monitor attendee numbers and activity throughout your event.

Networking and Gamification

Create an engaging and immersive event experience with our Networking and Gamification Elements. Support attendee-to-attendee and attendee–to-sponsor engagement that delivers genuine ROI.

Interactive Sessions

Turn your attendees into participants. Whether it’s Live Polling or Q&A, our Interactive Elements will ensure your attendees are fully engaged and able to make their ideas heard.

Lead Capture

Allow sponsors to capitalise on potential sales opportunities by converting attendee interest into meaningful and qualified leads with the Lead Capture Element.


Identify your event success factors with comprehensive data analysis. Post event statistics are delivered in clear and easy to understand formats suitable for presentations and written reports.

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