Your Best Mobile Event App Experience

The best event app experience is out there, and it’s very achievable. However, few know the simple steps to take it to the next level.

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The best mobile event app experience is out there, and it’s very achievable. However, few know the simple steps to take it to the next level. Of course, there are standards every event app needs to meet such as an appealing design, an intuitive lay out, relevant content and engaging extras.

However, there are special additions that your app needs to provide the best event app experience possible for your attendees…

  1. Training

Make sure that your event staff are fully trained on your mobile event app content management system. They will be able to make edits to your event app on the fly, ensuring a smooth experience for you and your attendees.

Give attendees a quick demo on how to access the event app and an overview of how the app will be used throughout the event. Knowing how to use the technology will help them to feel a little more independent, plus who doesn’t like to feel like the master of something?

It’s important to monitor adoption rates to keep tabs on how your attendees are using the event app. If more people are going to event staff to find out information then this inclines that you need to offer better training and instructions to attendees

2. User Experience

Technology within the event app can also provide a better user experience, captivating the attendees’ engagement and providing that ‘wow’ factor.

For example, facial recognition can help improve security and crowd management during check-in and registration. This will help to ensure an improved user experience as they will develop confidence in the event app, whilst also speeding up the boring processes that attendees often dislike.

Additionally, chat bots within the event app enable quick answers to questions and help provide easily accessible information to attendees. When integrated into your event app, chat bots will solve questions at a faster rate, allowing the attendee to enjoy the event itself and freeing up your staff.

Areas That Your Event App Has to Concentrate On

Ticket Sales and Registration within the event app

  • Attendees may not buy a ticket if the system of buying the ticket is complicated and frustrating

  • Efficiency is key; if the attendees are waiting in a long line just for a name badge and a few accessories, frustration and bitterness is likely to ensue before the event has even started

  • Make sure that the event app is streamlined to ensure less queues!

  • Elements such as self-service kiosks can greatly improve the pace of registration, ensuring that attendees are satisfied and stress free before the vent has even started

Attendee Assistance: AI within the event app

  • Questions that do not address the actual events content, such as the location of toilets etc. Can waste staff time and cause mass queues just for simple questions

  • Chat bots can help answer these simple questions, leaving the staff to answer the more difficult questions

  • Make sure that information within the event app is easy to notice. For example, having an FAQ category helps employees by providing all of the most important information on one page

Ease of Information: Wayfinding within the event app

  • Wayfinding provides information that is based on the attendee’s location

  • Notifies them on the timings of activities, and provides information about the length of queues and the traffic at each booth

  • Enables attendees to experience less waiting and more doing, being able to enjoy the event as they know the timings of each session, helping attendees plan their day

Attendee Experience: Unique elements within the event app

  • Implement new ideas such as scavenger hunts, challenges and quizzes using gamification features

  • Use unique colouring or unique fonts etc. so that your event app is easily recognisable.

  • Make sure your event app is synonymous with your event branding

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