Why The Virtual Event Is Here To Stay (And Why You Should Be Excited)

The virtual event solution we thought would be a temporary band aid is now looking like a potent opportunity.

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Only a few months ago we were scrambling to try and protect our business, and help our clients protect theirs.

What we didn’t realise was the virtual event solution we thought would be a temporary band aid is now looking like a potent opportunity

CrowdComms has supported a large number of virtual events over the last few months.  Here’s what we’ve learned about the long-term benefits of virtual events:

1. More Attendees

No space restrictions or geographical boundaries = more people.

CrowdComms recently supported a global event that increased its attendee numbers by 166% (compared to the annual physical event).

The associated travel costs in terms of money and time can be a barrier for potential attendees (especially given the on-going global turmoil around the COVID pandemic).  Giving them virtual event access makes attendance much more viable.

2. Greater Returns

More people, of course, means more ticket sales.

Your price point may not be as high as your physical event, but the higher volume of attendees can offset this.

3. Cost Effective  

Reduced set-up costs are also going to fatten up the bottom line.

A virtual event won’t need an expensive venue, catering, bump-ins, extensive printing and general energy consumption. A virtual event will drastically reduce set-up costs.

4. Smaller Eco Footprint

A virtual event reduces the need to fly, drive or even use public transport.  Standard physical event waste and energy consumption is reduced or eradicated.

5. More Inclusive

While many event organisers ensure their events and venues are accessible for people with a disability, many affected people still struggle to attend a physical event. Especially when travel is involved and people are dependent on carers to accompany them.

Other factors can also impact someone’s ability to attend. Chronic illness, family commitments (e.g. single parent families) and low-income can all be significant barriers for potential attendees.

Virtual conferences and events can make events more inclusive and ensure a diverse range of voices are heard through interactive features, such as Q&A and live polling.

6. Content Longevity

The right technology will support content recording at your virtual event. This extends the lifetime of speaker sessions and allows attendees to revisit content on-demand post event.

Organisers can also monetise the content by selling post-event access to non-attendees.

7. Maintain 1-to-1 Connections

One-to-one meetings and discussions are vital for sponsors, exhibitors and networking. A virtual event must therefore keep that all-important contact intact.

Private video meetings (much like private chat messages) allow event attendees to make meaningful and personalised connections, even if the participants are countries apart.

The Essential Tools

Maximising the virtual event experience requires more than a video stream.

Our virtual event solution utilises CrowdComms’ tried and trusted event app to successfully manage the complexities of a true virtual event.

The app’s additional features make the virtual conference experience immersive, interactive and engaging.

Despite replicating the complexity of a physical event, attendees will be delighted there’s no new tech to grapple with.  The additional features are easy to use for any attendee familiar with an event app.

And Finally…. 

Does This Mean Physical Events Are Dead?

There powerful and compelling reasons why virtual conferences and events are here to stay.

But, that doesn’t mean the physical event is dead – far from it.

When they finally get the full go-ahead, live events still have a vital role to play.  As good as virtual events are, people will still want the multi-sensory experience you can only get at a physical event.

We can’t wait to get back out on-site, however, virtual technology allows event organisers to offer even more flexibility and expand their event offering.

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