Eco-Friendly Name Badges for Sustainable Events

Boost your event’s sustainable credentials with eco-friendly event name badges and lanyards.

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Events can consume a lot of energy and produce a serious amount of waste.

The typical conference attendee produces 1.89kg of waste per day.  Of that over 60% is landfill!

In line with a growing awareness of climate change, waste management and energy consumption, attendees expect events organisers to maximise sustainable materials and minimise waste.

It’s therefore no surprise that, according to Eventbrite’s Event Trends Report  “In 2020, almost 75% of Australian event planners are focusing on sustainability at their events.”

Eco-Friendly Options

Eco-friendly event options are available for just about every aspect of an event, from biodegradable coffee cups to paperless brochures and agendas.

Planners can even opt for ‘green’ event name badges and lanyards.

CrowdComms’ range of eco-friendly materials deliver the look and durability of traditional name badges while keeping a focus on sustainability:

Name Badges

Eco-friendly badge

Eco-friendly badge

The event name badge is now pouch free!

Freeing the badge from its plastic sleeve won’t mean tears and tatters.  Our badges are made from tough, reinforced recyclable paper that’s strong enough to go the distance.


Sustainable lanyards

Sustainable lanyards

Available in recycled PET or bamboo fibre, our lanyards look just as good as their synthetic counterparts but are much kinder to the environment.

They still deliver superior print quality to ensure your event or sponsor brand shines.

Our lanyards offer great durability, so if you want to re-use your lanyards for next year’s event you can.

Badge Printing

Print-on-demand kiosk

Print-on-demand kiosk

CrowdComms’ Pronto! badge-printing kiosks operate on touch-screen or QR code technology.  No need for printed tickets – scanned details can be downloaded straight to attendees’ mobile device.

The kiosks also print on demand, which means less paper waste as only the badges that are needed get printed.

Interested in having a more eco-friendly badge, printing and lanyard options at your next event? Get in touch!

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