Event App Promotion: Your Questions Answered!

Event app engagement is always a key concern when first implementing an app at an event. Like any new investment, the decision to use an event app comes with a degree of risk. So, what does the optimal event app promotion look like?

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When it comes to event app promotion, there are often many questions…

  1. When is the right time to promote my event app?  

  2. Will the timing of my promotional campaign effect engagement?  

  3. What platforms should I use to promote my event app?  

Event app engagement is always a key concern when first implementing an app at an event. Like any new investment, the decision to use an event app comes with a degree of risk. So, how can you ensure that your audience get the most out of your event app?

Creating an invaluable tool with relevant and engaging content is obsolete if you’re not promoting it correctly. A clear promotional campaign is essential to achieving maximum engagement – our ideal adoption rates are 80% and up!

 So, when should I begin my event app promotion campaign? 

A recent survey has found that around 80% of event planners choose to promote their event app 1-3 months prior to the event, but is this overkill?

It’s always good to be prepared but sending out your event app promotion campaign too early could be counter-productive. Did you know that most attendees only download the app the day before or on the day of the event?!

CrowdComms recommend beginning your event app promotion strategy around two weeks before the event. This will add to their anticipation and excitement during the build-up to your event, meaning they are more likely to download your event app. Additionally, attendees will be less likely to download an app and take up precious megabytes for an event that is months away!

But my client wants to start the event app promotion earlier! What should I do? 

If you feel as though your attendees and client will benefit from an earlier app launch date, you must keep a couple of things in mind…

Be sure to have a clear incentive for attendees to download your app. As previously mentioned, your app will take up precious space on your attendees’ devices. You need to make sure it’s worth their while!

A competition is a sure-fire way of boosting download rates. Add everybody who downloads the app over a month before the event into a prize draw. Offer a prize that will attract your attendees such as a luxury holiday or a voucher. You could also offer a VIP ticket upgrade for the winner and their guests, adding a little something special to their event experience.

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How should I promote my event app? 

It was recently found that around 90% of event planners opt for an email campaign to promote their event app. This may not be a surprising statistic; email campaigns are all too familiar to event planners and marketing execs. Ensure that your email is fully branded and includes clear instructions for attendees on how to access your event app. Include direct links to respective app stores and the link to the web version of your app if applicable.

As well as sending your event app promotion email, promote your event app on social media. Currently, only 40% of event planners are utilising this free marketing tool to promote their event app! The great thing about social media is that you will be able to post far more times than you could ever email attendees. Post screenshots of different features included on the app as an incentive to download. Highlight the importance of the app at your event and include direct links to app stores.

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These useful tips will help you to maximise event app engagement, achieving the download rates you want and deserve! Click below to get in touch and find out more about what CrowdComms can do for your event.

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