Back to Event App Basics: Utilising Polling and Q and A

Get bac k to event app basics with Polling and Q&A. They really are our bread and butter. Plus, they are also super intuitive and familiar to your attendees!

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We live in a world where we expect a wide range of choice as consumers, and the same goes for event apps! Almost every event planner has felt somewhat overwhelmed when it comes to the prospect of choosing the right event app. There are so many different features, and they are becoming more and more complex by the minute.

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But does your event need all of these extras in order to maximise attendee engagement? Some events will require the latest and greatest features incorporated into their event app. However, some events thrive when we strip back the event app to its basics.

By basics, we mean the most reliable forms of event app engagement- polling and Q&A.

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Since the beginning of CrowdComms in 2011, we have relied on polling and Q&A to impress and engage attendees at events of any size. They really are our bread and butter. They are also super intuitive and familiar to your attendees!

It is a well-known fact amongst event planners that hours and hours of monologue is a productivity killer. We all learn better when things are a little more interesting. Attendees will always want to have a voice and an event app gives them the platform they need. Let your attendees express their opinions through live polling. Alternatively, utilise polling as a tool for education. Test your attendees on the content covered throughout the session and they will be far more likely to retain the information.

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Remember that your attendees don’t just want surface knowledge from speakers and panellists. They’ll have questions, and an event app will give them the platform to ask them. Q&A may be the simplest audience engagement feature on the market, and yet it may just be the most effective.

As the event planner, you know what your attendees need from an event app. Keep their needs at the front of your mind when choosing your event app and don’t get distracted by the newest trends. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the most effective strategy.

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