The Event App Features Your Attendees Really Care About

Do you know what event app features your attendees expect? There may be a degree of difference between what event planners think their attendees want and what attendees really expect.

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Every event planner will be familiar with the event app. As a staple of most events, this means attendees will be also be familiar with using an event app.

However, do you know what your attendees expect from the event app’s features? There may be a degree of difference between what event planners think their attendees want from an event app and what the attendees actually expect.

As an event planner, it is easy to overlook issues with your event app; but these issues may be very frustrating to your attendees! Here are some tips on what attendees expect from event app features and how to deliver them:

1.     A Navigable Homepage

Your event app will hold a lot of information, all of it vital but some content will be more important than others. Just like your event website, your event app will need to be easy for your attendees to navigate in order for them to find all of the information they need.

Every event is different, meaning that every event app is different too. CrowdComms offer a fully flexible platform, allowing you to create the perfect bespoke event app for your attendees. Ensure that your home screen is simple yet effective, clearly communicating your brand as well as the most important content areas of the app. Think about the most important features of your event app, e.g. agenda, and ensure those icons are in an obvious place on your home screen.

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2.     Networking Functionality

Networking is always at the top of your attendees list during their time at an event. In fact, 76% of attendees say it’s important for event organisers to give them networking opportunities. Your event app should facilitate and promote these opportunities to make connections.

Provide attendees with the ability to chat to one another via the event app. Encourage attendees to fill out their profile bios with their interests, others will then be search the attendee list to see who shares their area of interest. By encouraging attendees to fill this information out for themselves, you are respecting their privacy whilst facilitating opportunities for connections. Attendees will also be able to turn off their chat feature on their in-app profile.

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