How To Get The Most From Your Event Agenda

Your event agenda is the central focus of your event. Use your event app to bring the agenda to life and deliver a tailored experience for your attendees.

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Your event agenda is the central focus of your event, it can also be a brilliant interactive feature for your event app.

A detailed and intuitive event agenda can transform your attendees’ event experience. Being able to check session timings, locations and more at the touch of a button is an invaluable addition. The agenda can also be a great way for attendees to interact more with live sessions.

Here are a few tips for building the perfect agenda into your event app:

 1.     Use Tracks and Filters

Tracks are essential for creating a navigable event agenda, no matter how few sessions you have! Use tracks and filters as a means of categorising your sessions outside of date and time. This means that attendees will quickly be able to navigate to the sessions that they are the most interested in.

Attendees will be able to filter down your agenda based on tracks and then quickly find all of the sessions within that topic or theme.

When creating your sessions and tracks on your event app, consider the following:

  • What are the overall themes of my agenda? What sessions belong to which theme?

  • Will the name of the track make the theme immediately clear to your attendees?

  • How can you make navigating to content as easy and accessible to attendees as possible?

2.     Create Personal Schedules

Personalising your event app agenda is a no brainer for events with complex schedules. Upload your attendees’ schedules to the event app before your event, they will then only be able to view the sessions that they will be attending. This means that the irrelevant sessions will be filtered out and attendees will be able to quickly navigate to personal itinerary.

Personal agendas are also a useful tool for hiding sessions from attendees. For example, if you are hosting private sessions only available to a select group of attendees, you can make sure these sessions are hidden from everybody else.

If personal schedules sound like they’d be right for you, why not have a chat with a member of the CrowdComms team?

3.     Link your Engagement Features

Incorporating your audience’s opinions and responses into sessions is made easy with an event app. Live polling, Q&A and session feedback can all be facilitated on your event app, and can all be linked to the event agenda! This will make navigation very straightforward for your attendees, they can just go to the session they are in and access engagement tools at the touch of a button!

For more information on using polling and Q&A, click here!

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