Best Event App: The Support You Should Expect

One of the most important issues planners face when implementing an event app at their event is support from their provider. So, what level of support should you expect?

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Event apps- perhaps you’re a first-time buyer, or maybe you’re a bit of an old hand by now. Either way, one of the most important issues planners face when implementing an event app at their event is support from their provider. In fact, around 40% of event planners list lack of support as their main concern when building an event app.

So, what kind of support should you expect from the best event app provider? Here at CrowdComms, we pride ourselves on providing top class app support throughout every aspect of your event. Follow these tips to find out what support you should expect from your event app provider:

1.     Experienced Account Managers

The best event app is the one that’s the perfect fit for your event. With clear direction from your dedicated account manager, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your event app. Every event is different and every audience has different needs, therefore no event app is exactly the same! Your account manager will have a wealth of knowledge to share and will instruct you on best practices to make sure your event app amazes attendees.

2.     Intuitive Content Management System

When it comes to building the best event app for your event, you don’t need it to be unnecessarily complicated. You need an intuitive platform with plenty of features to ensure that your app is flexible enough to accommodate your event. The same goes for your event registration and payment systems. Ensure that you refer to your event app knowledge base to check up on top tips and best practices.

3.     Dedicated Support Specialist

For each project, your dedicated support agent will take you through every stage of your event app build. You will receive clear training from your support agent on how to build your event app and, since you have one dedicated specialist, you will be able to pick up the phone or email them anytime if you ever have any questions. Your support specialist will also liaise with the design team to make sure your event app looks stunning and perfectly on-brand.

4.     Onsite Support

Your dedicated support specialist will give you full training on how to manage your event app onsite. Badge printing, attendee registration, and managing polling and Q&A are all areas you will need to know before you go onsite. Your support specialist will run through everything you need to know with your event’s onsite team as well as advising on AV and Wi-Fi requirements. Alternatively, CrowdComm support specialists can come onsite to your event and manage all things app related, ensuring complete peace of mind.

5.     Event App Promotion

Your event app provider should assist you with your event app promotion. They will provide lots of tips and tricks when it comes to marketing your event app to your attendees. This will also include a fully branded email template with download instructions and housekeeping slides to display on the big screen on the day of your event.

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