The Event Tech You Need (And Nothing More)

Not every event requires a complex event tech solution. Some events may just require Q&A and polling while exhibitions might only need registration kiosks and lead capture. Here’s a guide to your best even tech (and nothing more).

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No two events are the same.

It’s why we’ve created a range of solutions that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of every event.  Service flexibility means you only pay for what you need and nothing more.

Practical and Simple

While some event planners require a more complex end-to-end solution involving multiple events throughout the year, some organisers only need a simple solution that meets a short-term need.

1. Polling + Q&A


This perfect pair is ideal for a one-off or a short series of events where consultation and/or audience engagement is a key feature.

This could be an internal town hall style meeting where senior team members gauge employee opinions and discuss new strategies.  The solution is also ideal for government organisations wanting to engage public opinion on infrastructure or policy changes.

It can also be used by community organisations such as schools and sports clubs for annual meetings or presentation events.

How it Works

The polling and Q&A platforms are fully digital, mobile ready and operate in real time.  This means responses and results are available immediately.

Speakers and audience members just need to download the app and they’re ready to go.

Event organisers can easily self-manage without additional support (although we’re always happy to help if need be).

2. Registration Kiosks + Lead Capture


Certain events need a more streamlined approach to event tech. Exhibitions in particular may not need an event app and its associated features, such as private messaging and personalised agendas.

However, what they do need is an efficient registration system and lead capture platform.

The Pronto! kiosks plus lead capture platform are the ideal duo for exhibitions.  The kiosks process attendee arrivals fast.  The lead capture platform effortlessly connects exhibitors with attendees.

How it Works


Pronto! kiosks are set-up ready to greet event arrivals. Available in max or mini sizes, the kiosks are perfect for small or large exhibitions.  With intuitive touch-screen technology, attendees can process and print in moments.

While the kiosks are simple to operate, event organisers may want additional onsite support to help manage unexpected arrivals and guest queries.

The lead capture solution is a smart, interactive mobile platform that allows exhibitors to obtain leads via an attendee’s badge QR code.  The system files details in a secure CMS and can even be adapted to include pre-scan qualifying questions.

What Our Clients Say…

“Thank you to Hugh who was an absolute professional as well as being engaging, funny and responsive. Also a big thanks to the whole team for their quick turnaround times and making the booking seamless”

Garrett Kelly, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development (Australia)

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